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Your data is the backbone of your business and therefore needs to be protected. That’s why when downtime occurs, you need an immediate recovery solution. Cloudly’s Disaster Recovery solution ensures high availability, making it easy to maintain business continuity- even in the midst of interruption.

So is cloud-based disaster recovery right for your business? First and foremost, traditional Disaster Recovery is costly and time consuming. Cloudly’s Disaster Recovery on the Cloud will help your business leverage the power of AWS cloud, while maximizing business protection and minimizing cost. With this solution, you gain high availability and data security without breaking the bank. With our solution, you can protect your critical IT systems from data loss, downtime and poor performance.

We offer…

  • Faster Disaster Recovery
  • Multiple Region Availability
  • Fast, private fiber-optic networking-secured network channel
  • Automatically fail-over without interruption