Backup & Recovery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solutions are designed to deliver secured, scalable, and durable storage for businesses looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup and recovery environments, without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.

Use cases for backup and recovery


AWS storage solutions deliver highly scalable, durable, and reliable cloud storage for backup, and is designed to support mission-critical databases, including Oracle and SAP. With an easy to use web interface, Amazon S3 is designed to deliver flexibility, agility, geo-redundancy, and robust data protection.

Remote/branch office

Amazon S3 provides scalable and cost-effective storage on-demand for your organization’s data. Using AWS Storage Gateway you can easily back up data from one location to another for quick recovery.

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AWS storage solutions are designed to deliver capacity and flexibility to make backup and recovery easy for you. Amazon S3 provides scalable and cost-effective storage, on-demand, and eliminates all the heavy lifting of deploying infrastructure.


Cloud storage for your backup needs.

AWS’s broad range of storage solutions for backup and recovery are designed for many of your workloads today. This flexibility allows you to focus on your business’s needs, and eliminates the challenges around figuring out what storage systems to purchase.

No overprovisioning needed.

AWS storage solutions allow you to pay for only what you need. AWS doesn’t require capacity planning, purchasing capacity in advance, or any large up-front payments. You get the benefits of AWS storage solutions without the upfront investment and hassle of setting up and maintaining an on-premises system.

Your data secured.

AWS security certifications such as SOC1 allow you to remain compliant with your data. Standards such as AES 256, which enables encryption of data at rest, ensures no one can view your data. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud allows you to create private facing subnet for databases and application servers, in order to have more security control around your mission critical workloads.

Data transfer at just the right speed.

AWS supports several methods for loading and retrieving data, including: the public Internet; a direct network connection with AWS Direct Connect; the AWS Import/Export service where AWS will import data into S3; and for backups of application data, the AWS Storage Gateway helps you backup your data to AWS.

You control where your data is.

AWS storage solutions allow you to choose in which region your data resides to minimize latency and costs, as well as address regulatory requirements. You have complete control of your data. With 11 regions and a variety of availability zones, which spreads your data across designated AZs for more protection, you have flexibility for where your data is stored.

Effortless data replication.

Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier automatically replicate data across multiple data centers and is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability. AWS storage solutions are designed to deliver robust data protection so your business never has to worry about where the data is.

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