IoT & M2M

Industrial IoT

Many manufacturers and industrial product companies have made great strides in connecting their products and appliances to the IoT. But succeeding in this era demands much more than technology connectivity. In fact, the advent of the IIoT is a once-in-a-lifetime business disruption—one that requires new capabilities and will provide incredible opportunities.

Smart Home, Office & Campus

We are combining the power of interoperability, connectivity and machine intelligence to define the future of smart home technology. Cloudly is working with industry-leading customers and developers to support secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions that improve the way consumers interact with and manage their automated devices. By connecting devices and appliances to everyday tasks—from opening the garage door to detecting break-ins to providing security for the entire property—our smart technology solutions are enabling a new breed of apps and services that deliver the power of the cloud to your home.

Smart Energy & Utilities

As energy needs grow, so do issues concerning increased consumption, including aging infrastructures and rising consumer expectations. With Cloudly-enabled IoT solutions for smart energy and utilities, you can connect energy assets and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure. Convenient access to machine and consumer usage information enables you to make smarter decisions about energy distribution while enabling your customers to do the same.