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If you are struggling with migrating to AWS or between cloud and on-premises environments, you are not alone. While you may think cloud migration is a seamless process, there are many factors that can go astray, such as downtime and data loss. Cloudly integrates our AWS managed services to provide a migration solution that will get you to cloud fast, while maintaining accessibility, business continuity, security, and uptime.

Stop delaying your move to the cloud. With near-zero downtime, migrating to the cloud has never been easier when coupled with our powerful migration solution. Our solution creates a replica of your workload or application. We execute a migration to AWS, so when complete, you’re on the cloud. As a managed service provider, Cloudly, is qualified to manage complex migration needs and execute a seamless transition to cloud.

Cloudly can help you:

  • Migrate an existing infrastructure to AWS cloud
  • Save time, money, and time-to-implementation
  • Simplify the cloud transition and management

How it works:

We run non-disruptive tests to ensure that the replica works properly and when ready for the actual cut-over, we will create an-up-to-date replica in the target cloud location and redirect traffic accordingly.