Explore AWS Digital Media Solutions

Content Production

Make movies and rich media content more quickly, cost effectively, and collaboratively by producing content in the AWS Cloud.

Broadcast & Over-the-Top

Use AWS to elastically scale and deliver optimal video experiences to customers anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Digital Publishing

Accelerate innovation, reduce capital infrastructure investments, and engage a global audience with locally delivered content using AWS.

Media and entertainment companies are leveraging the on-demand, pay as you go benefits of AWS to scalably and cost effectively create movies, stream videos, broadcast programs, and publish content around the world. The AWS Cloud and partner ecosystem provide highly scalable, elastic, and secure solutions for ingesting, storing, computing, processing, distributing, and analyzing video, audio, and digital media content.

Content Production in the AWS Cloud

Trade Capital Expense for Operational Expense

Media companies are moving to AWS to shift IT infrastructure investment from CAPEX to OPEX, enabling them to allocate more time and resources to their core business of content creation and customer experiences.

Benefit from Massive Economies of Scale

Production and post-producution companies are migrating VFX rendering and compute intensive workloads to the AWS to shorten content production times and foster collaboration with contributors from around the world.

Accelerate Innovation, Increase Agility

Content producers are accelerating innovation and finding cost-effective ways to deliver compelling content and customer experiences by leveraging AWS to develop, test, and launch new products and services.

Broadcast and OTT

Amazon Web Services is enabling broadcasters and content owners to automate media supply chains, streamline content distribution, and cost effectively build direct to consumer streaming and OTT solutions across live, linear, non-linear, and on-demand (AVOD, SVOD) programming. AWS offers services for live and file-based content acquisition, media services for video processing, Amazon CloudFront for global content delivery, as well as core storage, security, big data, and analytics services.

Broadcast and OTT Cloud Benefits

Use What You Need, Pay as You Go

Eliminate idle capacity and reduce capital investment needed to meet unforecastable spikes in content demand from anywhere, at any time, while only paying for the infrastructure during the time you use it.

Scale Elastically for Peak Demand

Content demand is difficult to forecast, making it challenging to properly size your infrastructure. AWS Elemental media services enable you to seamlessly scale your infrastructure to meet spikes in demand without investing in idle capacity.

Experiment with Less Financial Risk

Avoid overspending on new projects and services by spinning up new development and test environments only when they are needed, and launching new offerings without having to invest in excess capacity.

Digital Publishing

Amazon Web Services delivers highly scalable, reliable, and secure cloud services that enable media and publishing companies to reduce IT costs, streamline operations, and scale global content delivery. Moving content storage, production, and delivery to the AWS cloud enables you to reduce capital investment in IT infrastructure and reallocate resources to content creation and customer engagement.

Cloud Publishing Benefits

Invest More in Content, Less in Infrastructure

Media companies are moving to AWS to shift IT infrastructre from a CAPEX to an OPEX expense, enabling them to focus more time and reallocate resources to their core business of content creation and customer experiences.

Iterate and Innovate Without IT Constraints

AWS accelerates innovation by eliminating procurement and provisioning intervals with on demand resources for developing, testing, and launching new services that deliver compelling content and customer experiences.

Scale Elastically to Meet Peak Demands of a Global Audience

Breaking news and 24-hour news cycles mean that spikes in traffic can happen anytime, and be driven by events anywhere in the world. AWS enables you to seamlessly scale your infrastructure to meet spikes in demand without investing in idle capacity.

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