For a long time, we felt the process of E-Learning was fundamentally flawed. So we decided to do something about it. We built a mobile first, learning management system that is super easy to use. Our Knowledge Retention Technology also makes sure learning sticks.


Knowledge Retention

Our technology will make sure the important stuff is remembered.


Deliver your training through our iOS and Android app.


Bulk upload & tag users so everyone gets the training they need.


Inbuilt authoring tool & course bank makes creating training quick & easy.


Drive engagement & completion of training.

Plug & Play

We play nicely with others and can connect into your current systems.

Learning on the go

Many organisations are limited in their ability to deliver innovative & effective staff training. Our learning management system takes care of these challenges. We ensure your staff retain what they learn, giving you a clear ROI on your training budget. You can quickly create engaging training & allow your staff to consume it on the move, at anytime.

Remote Training

The traditional approach to on boarding & training new customers buckles under its own weight trying to stay relevant. our learning management system will allow you to scale & provides a user experience worthy of a new customer.

More Team. Less Work.

A digital workplace needs to exist because employees want to work in the same way they live. They expect the technology that empowers their personal lives to also drive communication and innovation in their workplace.

How it Works

We’d love to show you the benefits our platform could have on your organisation.

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