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Penny Moraga

I was very impressed by Cloudly team’s ability to migrate over our SQL databases to AWS RDS with zero downtime and zero performance loss. The team worked around-the-clock and very closely with me to resolve every obstacle and roadblock they faced. Eventually, they delivered the migration as well as data transfer on time and with expected quality.
It was an outstanding project, overall!

Penn Ekert

Cloudly’s expert DBA team turned around hundreds of resolutions for complex RDS, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other database issues that surfaced on AWS managed databases over the years of 2015 and 2016. The way they migrated customer’s data to AWS was outstanding and gained a lot of praise from tens of customers who continue to appreciate their amazing work and always been happy to pay for their services. Never once, a problem resolved by Cloudly team came back to haunt us.

Cloudly is highly recommended for their services that very few can match in the cloud industry and they have been doing cloud for a long time!

Elliot Klein

Cloudly provided our organization with complete cloud, geofencing, security platform in record time with minimal expense. The work enabled us meet deadlines and secure a multi-million contract with a top US consumer products firm. This team’s ability to secure APIs, distributed systems, scaling, and support resulted in our company becoming the #1 market share leader in our category.

They are highly recommended.


Shonod Edutainment is a largest Digital Education company that supporting academic students from 1st to HSC and other competitive exam preparation online. Cloudly is the first Bangladeshi company that comes with cloud solution that can cater large solution with minimal cost for infrastructure. Cloudly providing and managing our infrastructure in AWS. From migration till to date, I am very happy to see how they managed our services 24/7 and their commitment and passion towards meeting customer expectation is really appreciated. Being the first customer of Cloudly in Bangladesh market, we want to grow our business with Cloudly as technology partner in days to come. We wish Cloudly a best of luck and keep up the good work towards transforming the business into the Cloud for Bangladesh and beyond.