Consumer IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives, often without us even knowing or realizing it because the IoT is such a broad phenomenon with so many applications and technologies. In essence, consumer IoT or CIoT refers to the Internet of Things in the context of consumer applications, use cases and devices.

In other words: the difference between the Internet of Things and the Consumer Internet of Things mainly lies in the types of devices/applications, the technologies which drive them and their purpose.

There also are/were huge differences between typical consumer devices and applications in the consumer electronics space such as smart watches or smart thermostats on one hand and industrial devices and applications such as freight monitoring in transportation, intelligent manufacturing systems or IoT building management solutions, on the other.


Consumer IoT in practice

Smart Home

Comprehensive home security is a major area where the consumer Internet of Things is becoming more and more important.

Smart Office

Way to manage a smarter workplace, get the useful insights to manage everything smartly.

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