Smart Healthcare

Cloudly IoT healthcare offer a catalyst for strategic change across the personal and healthcare industry , improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and creating efficiencies. Cloudly is enabling a wide spectrum of capabilities to support healthcare innovation. These include near-real-time analytics from edge to the cloud; enhanced medical imaging; home healthcare and remote monitoring solutions; seamless data sharing between providers, and patients; and much more. These new technologies based ecosystem solutions are helping deliver new and better healthcare experiences, where medicine is more precise and personalized and data sharing via connected devices and systems improves research and diagnosis.


Simultaneous reporting and monitoring

Real-time monitoring via connected devices can save lives in event of a medical emergency like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, etc. The IoT device collects and transfers health data: blood pressure, oxygen and blood sugar levels, weight, and ECGs. These data are stored in the cloud and can be shared with an authorized person, who could be a physician, your insurance company, a participating health firm or an external consultant, to allow them to look at the collected data regardless of their place, time, or device.

Data assortment and analysis

Vast amount of data that a healthcare device sends in a very short time owing to their real-time application is hard to store and manage if the access to cloud is unavailable. Even for healthcare providers to acquire data originating from multiple devices and sources and analyze it manually is a tough bet. IoT devices can collect, report and analyses the data in real-time and cut the need to store the raw data. This all can happen overcloud with the providers only getting access to final reports with graphs.

End-to-end connectivity and affordability

IoT can automate patient care workflow with the help healthcare mobility solution and other new technologies, and next-gen healthcare facilities. IoT enables interoperability, machine-to-machine communication, information exchange, and data movement that makes healthcare service delivery effective. Consequently, technology-driven setup brings down the cost, by cutting down unnecessary visits, utilizing better quality resources, and improving the allocation and planning.

Tracking and alerts

On-time alert is critical in event of life-threatening circumstances. IoT allows devices to gather vital data and transfer that data to doctors for real-time tracking, while dropping notifications to people about critical parts via mobile apps and other linked devices. Thus, IoT enables real-time alerting, tracking, and monitoring, which permits hands-on treatments, better accuracy, apt intervention by doctors and improve complete patient care delivery results.

Smart Wearable devices

The efficiency of data processing achieved by various Smart Wellness Watch,Smart Stethoscope, Smart Body Analyzer, Smart Pregnancy Belt, Smart Vitamin Analyzer, Smart Stress Management ,Smart wristwear, Hearables, and Smart glasses is gradually dispelling inert skepticism among the public and is getting closer to where wearables will bring exceptional value to our lives

Remote medical assistance

In event of an emergency, patients can contact a doctor who is many kilometers away with a smart mobile apps. With mobility solutions in healthcare, the medics can instantly check the patients and identify the ailments on-the-go.

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