Smart Campus

Modern buildings are complex structures with multiple systems controlling lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), waste disposal, and security. In most traditional buildings, even new ones, such systems exist in silos. This produces inefficiencies in energy consumption, building usage and cost effectiveness. It also results in lower quality of services.

By contrast, smart buildings take advantage of new technologies to connect these pieces and systems in an integrated, dynamic and functional way, and not simply to reduce operating costs. System integration within smart buildings also increases sustainability, safety and productivity, while improving the quality of life for those who work and live inside their walls over the structure’s long life cycle. Consequently, it is expected that annual expenditures on smart building applications that integrate operational functions, as measured by equipment supplier revenues, will boom in the near future.


Streamline facilities management

Save resources and optimize tasks by making your campus smarter and more sustainable.

Use network analytics

Use Wi-Fi analytics to reduce costs and complexity. Get deeper insights into the needs of your campus.

Lower operational costs

Empower administrators to make smarter, data-driven business decisions, lowering operational costs.

Provide better student experiences

Enable context-aware services and distance-learning content. Improve student experiences, recruitment, and retention.


Drive productivity with location intelligence

Securely gather data on how students and staff move through the campus. Use those insights to create relevant experiences and optimize services, safety, space management, and asset utilization.

Park efficiently on campus

Enable intelligent parking services through Wi-Fi, video cameras, video analytics, and sensor-enabled parking management.

Give fans the ultimate experience

In your campus stadium, bring all forms of access, communication, fair exams, assessments, entertainment, and operations together on a single innovative platform.

Continue learning en route

With Wi-Fi enabled vehicles, learning can happen on the go. Video surveillance and real-time vehicle telemetry help students stay safe and optimize vehicle performance.

Make your campus more sustainable

Reduce carbon footprint, increase productivity, and ensure student safety with connected lighting in classrooms and across campus.

Flexible learning spaces

Institutions can unleash amazing new capabilities to redefine lecture halls, create more flexible and collaborative workspaces, and even redefine learning itself.

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