Smart Farming

Getting closer to nature with the smart farming solutions from Cloudly

The farming and agricultural industry relies on innovative ideas and technological advancements to help increase yields and better allocate resources. The late 19th century and the 20th century brought a number of mechanical innovations, like tractors and harvesters. Today, a driving force behind increased agricultural production at a lower cost is the Internet of Things (IoT), which leaves the door wide open for engineers looking to bring a smart farming solution or IoT agricultural sensor to market.

Internet of Things applications in agriculture include farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, storage monitoring, and much more. For example:

Livestock sensors can notify ranchers when animals have roamed from the herd so that ranch hands can round them up.

Self-driving tractors can be controlled remotely, providing significant savings in labor costs.

Soil sensors can alert farmers to irregular conditions like high acidity, giving the farmer time to reconcile the issue and produce better crops.

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