Smart Energy & Utilities

IoT solutions for smarter energy consumption and management

As energy needs grow, so do issues concerning increased consumption, including aging infrastructures and rising consumer expectations. With Cloudly-enabled IoT solutions for smart energy and utilities, you can connect energy assets and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure. Convenient access to machine and consumer usage information enables you to make smarter decisions about energy distribution while enabling your customers to do the same.

IoT Applications for Smart Energy & Utilities

Smart Metering

Optimize energy distribution, reduce operating expenses, and improve customer service with clear visibility of power usage.

Smart Grid

Make better use of energy supply by optimizing electricity generation and distribution while lowering operating costs.

Oil and Gas

Gain greater insight into infrastructure health to fix problems faster and more efficiently while maintaining optimal functionality.

Manage Energy Consumption with a Smart Energy Solution

Leverage smart energy technology to improve power reliability and distributed demand response. Cloudly enables IoT solutions that are designed to help you optimize energy utilization.

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