Mithi Email Solutions

Creating Collaboration Solutions for an Interdependent world

As the world gets more sophisticated, specialised, complex and fast, you need to work with diverse apps, services and people across groups, enterprises and geographical boundaries to develop designs, build products, deliver services, and get work done. This need for intense and deep collaboration throws up new challenges of integration, productivity, reliability, security and costs.

Mithi has built cloud platforms to create secure, dependable, productive and connected collaboration environments

Mithi Platforms

Email is Critical Business Record,ensure secure archival & quick retrieval

Archival, Backup Automation, EDiscovery & Compliance for Office 365, GSuite, Zimbra, Exchange, Salesforce and others

True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Unlimited Storage | 99.999999999 | DIY Self Service Portal | Multi layered Secure | Tamper Proof | Flexible pricing

Secure, Dependable, Scalable Email for dependable business communications

Cloud and Hybrid Business Email and Enterprise Chat solutions for the agile enterprise

True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Trend Micro Security | Mobility | Multi layered Security | Guaranteed Clean Mail | Cumulative Storage | Flexible pricing

Guaranteed clean mail and disaster recovery for uninterrupted Business communication

Peripheral Email Security and Continuity solution for your email system

True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Trend Micro Security | Guaranteed Clean Mail | Mini Disaster recovery | Compatible with Exchange, Zimbra, Linux and any other mail system

Team Collaboration platform to get work done effectively

Work on your ideas and initiatives with shared workspace and dynamic team organisation.

True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Mobile App | Web App | Create, Organise, Share, Publish

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