Red Orange Media & Communications


Red Orange Media & Communications

RedOrange is a bunch of international consultants in communication for change. As a one-stop solution house, they design and implement social and behavior change projects and provide innovative marketing, media, communications and ICT support geared towards public, private and social sector development. Their work includes specialist assistance in behavior change communications, awareness raising, advocacy, visibility and branding. RedOrange is a media and communication partner of several national and international organisations. RedOrange is ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System)

RedOrange has number of clients whose web and software systems are getting managed by the RedOrange ICT team.
RedOrange used to host their applications to a different hosting environment where they were facing different issues in times. Compromising sites and relevant issues were so common and most of the sites/applications had been blacklisted to the security databases such as McAfee, Norton etc.

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