The First Online Tax Software Company in Bangladesh

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The First Online Tax Software Company in Bangladesh

About BDTAX is first online tax preparation, processing and submission software for Bangladesh. With users can easily prepare their tax, electronically file with National Board of Revenue (NBR) and pay any tax due with a mobile payment, credit card or bank transfers. It is a system guided easy-to-use tax preparation software that saves time, money and help users reducing any tax potential audits by the Government., developed by BD Tax Technology LTD and the platform has won the top startup award already in 2017. is copyrighted by Bangladesh Copyright and Patent office where the copyright registration number is 14748-COPR.

The Gain

Since bdtax started their journey with Cloudly and AWS, no major disturbance observed. Cloudly is taking care of each of the pieces of infrastructure. As all the resources are getting managed and monitored by Cloudly managed service team, bdtax team need to do nothing but concentrating to their business expansion. Security is ensured as well as the credibility for using world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider like AWS so, after tagging up with Cloudly and AWS bdtax is not only just saving their money also achieved.

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